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Welcome to Rebel Image Tattoo, my name is Stan Leszczynski, (STAN-O). I am a professional tattoo artist as well as a specialist in the art of body piercing. I am honored to be a part of a team of talented artists and a member of the Rebel family. We take great pride in being the finest Body-Art Studio in southern New Jersey. Representing the gateway to the Jersey Shore. Our facility offers the most up to date techniques and applications of body adornment available to the public. We update our procedures bi-yearly while attending conventions and seminars. We make this our priority in order to be at the cutting edge of the latest innovations of the Art and Technological advances that are available today. I was the first Body Piercer in Cape May County. I started at Wallflash Tattoo in Villas N.J.. I've been Piercing since 1993. The basics were taught to me by Al Creamer of Central N.Y. Tattoo, and then I continued to learn on my own. I then went on to learn the art of Tattooing with the skillfull teachings of Mike Siderio, with which I am graciously thankful for him giving me the opportunity to learn at a time when no one wanted you to. In 1995 Wallflash then changed its name to Rebel Image Tattoo and moved to Rio Grande, N.J. After being with Mike for about 6 years, I then went on to Fusion of Styles Tattoo in Malaga N.J. (the original). I started Piercing and Tattooing under the infamous Bob Montagna, where he gave me a formal Apprentiship as a Dermagraphics Installations Technician. After Bob's passing in 2006, I then returned to Rebel Image Tattoo in Rio Grande N.J. where I continue to pierce and tattoo today. We consider our work a sacred symbolism and an expression of the soul. We recommend a well thought out selection process while selecting Body Adornment. Whether our clients are memorializing a loved one, celebrating a new stage in life, connecting with nature, or simply choosing a certain form of art. Contemplation is highly recommended, be certain that what you choose today will be relevant throughout your life. Life and experiences may change, so be selective and be sure to choose wisely. Everyday to me is a new adventure, and that's how I live my life. First and foremost I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. "Faith doesn't arrive so easily, but it's the struggle that gives it it's power and meaning" When I'm not working -as well as being a family man, I have 3 boys. I have a passion for music, concerts, motorcycles, hot rods, fishing, hunting, and old cartoons and t.v. series. I also love to travel to my place in the mountains, islands or ocean, anything adventurous. We are here to serve you with courtesy and to in insure the highest quality professional application of your Body-Art selections. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail or just stop in when you are ready to begin the process. From all of us at Rebel Image, we'll see you at the shore.


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