Brian Cassidy

     " I believe anyone should be able to express themselves creatively through any outlet they see fit.  I am here to offer a venue, ways, and means to do that.  My mission is to help guide my clients through the process of expressive creativity, coaching them through the evolution of the meaning they wish to convey, into a fully realized piece of individual artwork that they can wear and carry with them for life.  Working in such a permanent medium is significantly more gratifying to me as an artist, because it means my clients trust me.  Trust means we share the same beliefs, and that means we will find fruition for your design in a much more effective manner.

      I offer more than just a tattoo.  What I offer is my time, attention, and my dedication to consulting and working with you to find something that fits.  Something that fits your unique style, brand, and taste.  I offer my own creative and mental resources as well, and your experience with me will be an intimate process of finding your symbolic voice."

   ~ Brian Cassidy


Black & Grey

Cover Ups